Soft molded urethane chair

A flexible molded urethane foam made using a urethane liquid formulated to be relatively soft.
Highly designed chairs that use soft curves and gentle curves that cannot be realized with chairs molded by bending plywood, etc.
While maintaining the elasticity that is inevitably lost when trying to make a curve rich in design with a wooden chair, you can freely design such as soft curves and sharp forms, expanding the range of space production .


Rigid molded urethane chair

The urethane liquid components and compounding ratios are blended so that they are harder, and injected into the mold and molded.
Taking advantage of its tough and lightweight properties, it can be used as a mold-type material for furniture production, making it possible to make a chair or sofa that asserts a solid presence light and durable. With a sophisticated design that makes use of the curves and other features of a mold-type urethane foam that uses molds, we can create lightweight and durable chairs and sofas.


Other molded urethane products

In Izumi Foam, in addition to molded urethane foam for chairs, sofas and furniture, Integral Skin Foam (skinned foam) used for vehicle handles, chair armrests, etc., resin films and various fabrics Foam molding from molds, such as "FIF (foam in fabric)" that performs integral molding, and "energy absorption foam" that is integrally molded with metals in places where shock absorption is required, such as automobile doors and ceilings We handle various types of molded urethane foam.
We will challenge various requests such as replacing existing production lines, reducing costs, shortening delivery times, etc. Please feel free to contact us for anything related to molding.